CS 858: Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies — Fall 2009

Suggested Reading List

This is a list of papers we will discuss in class. Feel free to suggest any others you may find appropriate. A good starting point for finding papers in this area is Free Haven's Selected Papers in Anonymity site.

'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy (local cached copy)
Daniel J. Solove, San Diego Law Review, Vol. 44, 2007
A Classification for Privacy Techniques (local cached copy)
Carlisle Adams, University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal 3, 2006
PETs for the Internet
Privacy-enhancing Technologies for the Internet (local cached copy)
Ian Goldberg, David Wagner, Eric Brewer, IEEE COMPCON 1997
Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Internet, II: Five years later (local cached copy)
Ian Goldberg, PET 2002
Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Internet III: Ten years later (local cached copy)
Ian Goldberg, "Digital Privacy: Theory, Technologies and Practices", Alessandro Acquisti, Stefanos Gritzalis, Costas Lambrinoudakis, and Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, editors, 2007
Anonymity and Pseudonymity
Untraceable electronic mail, return addresses, and digital pseudonyms (local cached copy)
D. Chaum, Communications of the ACM, 1981
Crowds: Anonymity for Web Transactions (local cached copy)
M. Reiter, A. Rubin, ACM TISSEC, 1998
Mixminion: Design of a Type III Anonymous Remailer Protocol (local cached copy)
G. Danezis, R. Dingledine, N. Mathewson, IEEE SSP (Oakland) 2003
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router (local cached copy)
R.Dingledine, N.Mathewson, P.Syverson, USENIX Security 2004
Nymble: Anonymous IP-address Blocking (local cached copy)
Peter C. Johnson, Apu Kapadia, Patrick P. Tsang, Sean W. Smith, PETS 2007
A Tune-up for Tor: Improving Security and Performance in the Tor Network (local cached copy)
Robin Snader, Nikita Borisov, NDSS 2008
Metrics for Security and Performance in Low-Latency Anonymity Networks (local cached copy)
Steven J. Murdoch, Robert N. M. Watson, PETS 2008
AS-awareness in Tor Path Selection (local cached copy)
Matthew Edman, Paul Syverson, CCS 2009
Privacy in P2P and Social Networks
The Sybil Attack (local cached copy)
J. Douceur, IPTPS 2002
Making P2P Accountable without Losing Privacy (local cached copy)
Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, C. Chris Erway, John Jannotti, Alptekin Küpçü, Anna Lysyanskaya, Eric Rachlin, WPES 2007
SybilLimit: A Near-Optimal Social Network Defense against Sybil Attacks (local cached copy)
Haifeng Yu, Phillip B. Gibbons, Michael Kaminsky, Feng Xiao, Oakland 2008
Information Leaks in Structured Peer-to-Peer Anonymous Communication Systems (local cached copy)
Prateek Mittal, Nikita Borisov, CCS 2008
De-anonymizing Social Networks (local cached copy)
Arvind Narayanan, Vitaly Shmatikov, Oakland 2009
DSybil: Optimal Sybil-Resistance for Recommendation Systems (local cached copy)
Haifeng Yu, Chenwei Shi, Michael Kaminsky, Phillip B. Gibbons, Feng Xiao, Oakland 2009
SybilInfer: Detecting Sybil Nodes using Social Networks (local cached copy)
George Danezis, Prateek Mittal, NDSS 2009
ShadowWalker: Peer-to-peer Anonymous Communication Using Redundant Structured Topologies (local cached copy)
Prateek Mittal, Nikita Borisov, CCS 2009
Traffic Analysis
Traffic Analysis: Protocols, Attacks, Design Issues, and Open Problems (local cached copy)
Jean-François Raymond, PET 2000
Low-resource Routing Attacks Against Tor (local cached copy)
Kevin Bauer, Damon McCoy, Dirk Grunwald, Tadayoshi Kohno, Douglas Sicker, WPES 2007
How Much Anonymity does Network Latency Leak? (local cached copy)
Nicholas Hopper, Eugene Y. Vasserman, Eric Chan-Tin, CCS 2007
Denial of Service or Denial of Security? How Attacks on Reliability can Compromise Anonymity (local cached copy)
Nikita Borisov, George Danezis, Prateek Mittal, Parisa Tabriz, CCS 2007
Two-sided Statistical Disclosure Attack (local cached copy)
George Danezis, Claudia Díaz, Carmela Troncoso, PETS 2007
An Improved Clock-skew Measurement Technique for Revealing Hidden Services (local cached copy)
Sebastian Zander, Steven J. Murdoch, USENIX Security 2008
A Practical Congestion Attack on Tor Using Long Paths (local cached copy)
Nathan S. Evans, Roger Dingledine, Christian Grothoff, USENIX Security 2009
Ecash and Credentials
Efficient Attributes for Anonymous Credentials (local cached copy)
Jan Camenisch, Thomas Groß, CCS 2008
Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments (local cached copy)
David Chaum, Crypto 1982
A Description of Protocols for Private Credentials (local cached copy)
Ariel Glenn, Ian Goldberg, Frederic Legare, Anton Stiglic, Technical Report, 2001
Compact E-Cash (local cached copy)
Jan Camenisch, Susan Hohenberger, Anna Lysyanskaya, Eurocrypt 2005
Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials: Blocking Misbehaving Users without TTPs (local cached copy)
Patrick P. Tsang, Man Ho Au, Apu Kapadia, Sean W. Smith, CCS 2007
P-signatures and Noninteractive Anonymous Credentials (local cached copy)
Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, TCC 2008
Private Information Retrieval
Private Information Retrieval: An Overview And Current Trends (local cached copy)
Dmitri Asonov, ECDPvA Workshop, Informatik 2001
Private Information Retrieval (local cached copy)
Benny Chor, Oded Goldreich, Eyal Kushilevitz, Madhu Sudan, FOCS 1995
Computationally private information retrieval (local cached copy)
Benny Chor, Niv Gilboa, STOC 1997
On the Computational Practicality of Private Information Retrieval (local cached copy)
Radu Sion, Bogdan Carbunar, NDSS 2007
A Lattice-Based Computationally-Efficient Private Information Retrieval Protocol (local cached copy)
Carlos Aguilar-Melchor and Philippe Gaborit, WEWORC 2007
Usable PIR (local cached copy)
Peter Williams and Radu Sion, NDSS 2008