CS 858 / SOC 701: Surveillance and Privacy — Fall 2020

Suggested Reading List

PETs for the Internet
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Theories of Surveillance
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The Surveillant Assemblage (local cached copy)
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Why Privacy
'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy (local cached copy)
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Eyes and Ears Everywhere: Everyday Surveillance
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Surveillance, Censorship, and the State
An Analysis of the Current State of the Consumer Credit Reporting System in China (local cached copy)
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Lawful Illegality: What Snowden Has taught Us about the Legal Infrastructure of the Surveillance State (local cached copy)
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Defences and Resistance to Surveillance
Voter preferences, voter manipulation, voter analytics: policy options for less surveillance and more autonomy (local cached copy)
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Untraceable electronic mail, return addresses, and digital pseudonyms (local cached copy)
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Adoption and Non-adoption of Privacy Enhancing Technologies
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The Allegheny Algorithm
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