Graduate Studies

CrySP actively encourages students interested in cryptography, security, or privacy to apply to the school's graduate program.

Tips for Applying

Applications should be submitted via the school's standard application process. Please do not email individual CrySP faculty members regarding applications. We get too many of these messages, and we are unable to respond to them. Instead, inquiries should be sent to with the subject line "CrySP Graduate Studies". In your email, describe your background and interests in cryptography, security, or privacy. If you know, list which core CrySP faculty member(s) you would like to work with. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we cannot guarantee a response.

If you are filling out the OUAC online application form, it will ask for an area of research interest. Please select "Cryptography, Security and Privacy" from that list. The online application form also asks you to list potential supervisors that you have communicated with; you should list one or multiple core CrySP faculty members there, but there is no need to explicitly communicate with us.